Persephone Opal
Persephone Earrings Opal- 30% off April 18-20th
Persephone Amethyst
Persephone Earrings Amethyst- 30% off April 18-20th
Persephone Olive
Persephone Earrings Olive- 30% off April 18-20th
Hexidot Earrings
Hexidot Earrings - 30% off April 18-20th
Sunfall Earrings
Sunfall Earrings - 30% off April 18-20th

Test Press Release

This is a test.

I like tests.

Here is heading too. An H2.

Paira Hexidot Peridot Necklace
Hexidot Necklace
I've Got My Eye On You Cuff
I've Got My Eye on You Cuff
Dots of Peridot Earrings
Dots of Peridot - 30% off April 18-20th
Lost Identity Bracelet
Borrowed Identity Bracelet
Paramount Ring
Paramount Ring
Bannister Handpiece
Bannister Handpiece
Descendente Earrings
Descendente Earrings - 30% off April 18-20th
Reign of Chain Necklace
Reign of Chain Necklace
Lioness Pendant Necklace
Lioness Pendant Necklace
Pair of Hex Cuff
Pair of Hex Cuff
Hex Tile Necklace Brass
Hex Tile Necklace
5-Hex Cuff
5-Hex cuff
Dot Pendant Necklace
Dot Pendant Necklace


Annachich Jewelry takes pride in the consistency of our production but because all of our pieces are handmade, there may be slight variances in the shape, color, size or finish of the jewelry piece you receive. All items are made-to-order so please allow 5-15 business days for production.

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